Strategic line 1

Expanding equitable access to comprehensive, quality, people and community- centered health services.

Strengthen or transform the organization and management of health services through the development of health care models that focus on the needs of people and communities, increasing the response capacity of the primary level of care through integrated health services networks (IHSNs), based on the primary health care strategy. It is essential to identify health inequities between population groups through detailed health situation analyses, surveys, and specific studies, and to delve further into their determinants.


Move toward designing comprehensive, quality, universal and progressively expanded health services, in accordance with health needs and priorities, system capacity, and national context. These comprehensive, quality health services are important with the aim of promoting the right to health where nationally recognized and the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health.


Consequently, these services should be available to all people, with no difference in quality without distinction of their economic or social condition. Furthermore, these services should be designed with due regard to the differentiated and unmet needs of all people and the specific needs of groups in conditions of vulnerability.